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Day 6 - Pre-pregnancy Detox

Everything’s going smoothly.  The only symptom to report is that my skin feels a little itchy.  Maybe it’s the fungus’ reaction to being killed off?!

Day 5 - Pre-pregancy Detox

I had a bowel motion as soon as I got up this morning - very happy about that!

I’ve just started Step 2 of the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit.  This involves continuing with the Digestive Stimulator caps before dinner each night and then having the Toxin Absorber before bed each night.  Added to this is the Toxin Neutraliser capsules, Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator capsules, Parasite Cleanser formulae (capsules and 2 different herbal liquids), and Friendly Bacteria Replenisher capsules.  I’ll be taking all these preparations for the next 7 days.

It sounds like a lot of things to take, but the Blessed Herbs’ crew have set out a Dosage Calendar that makes it super easy to follow each day.  They’ve even provided little bottles (vials) so I can take my doses in my handbag if I go out for the day or night.

I’m excited that I’m now taking herbs that help get rid of my internal and external fungal overgrowths!  I’ll be checking in with symptoms and signs over the coming weeks…

Day 4 - Pre-pregnancy Detox

Yep, 4 capsules it is!!  I woke up at 1.30am and had to do a massive poo!  Woke up again at 4am for another one as well.  9am saw another trip to the loo.  Feeling nice and empty now!  There’s a bit of gurgling going on in my insides but it’s not painful or bothersome.  I’m feeling hungrier than yesterday and pretty energetic considering my broken sleep.

Evening:  I didn’t need to go for the rest of the day, which suited me fine - I was on a day trip with my partner so I’m glad I didn’t have to pull over to go!  So I’m sticking to 4 capsules a night as my dose throughout the cleanse.

Day 3 - Pre-pregnancy Detox

Got up and had breakfast, then went to the toilet for a small release.  Hmm, maybe I do need more capsules, we’ll see.

11.30am:  I went to the toilet again. Very tiny release unfortunately and feeling a bit foggy in general, with low energy.  I’m upping my water intake now, so I’ll see if that’s the problem.

Evening:  No more releases today.  Feeling crappy (literally!).  I’m cranking it up to 4 capsules tonight!

Day 2 - Pre-pregnancy Detox

I got up in the morning and had to go to the toilet straight away - that’s what actually woke me!  A big release too!  Where does this all this stuff come from?  After the Colonic I thought maybe I wouldn’t have much left in there, but I guess it goes to show that you can really have a lot of junk lingering in your bowel…feels good to be getting it out.  I felt really hungry after my big morning poo.

I had to go again after breakfast.  So was looking good at that stage.  I felt very clear-headed and energetic too.

Went through the rest of the day without another release - I’m thinking it could be because I had the colonic but I upped it to 3 capsules in the evening and I’ll reassess over the next day.  I’ll be at home, so if it ends up being too stimulating I’ll be safe!

I’ll keep you all posted…

Day 1 - Pre-pregnancy Detox

The Colonic hydrotherapy session was a good idea that’s for sure!  I did it yesterday.  I couldn’t believe how much came out of me - it sometimes felt a little like gastro but the results were worth it!  I felt very good inside, flatter tummy and very relaxed.  I then went upstairs to have the BHH 30 minute FAR Infared Sauna.  What a sweat - literally dripping off me, even my face and head - interesting, considering my head was not inside the sauna dome!  Being able to breathe fresh air while having a sauna was a big bonus for me (I get a bit claustrophobic in regular saunas).  Being a little uncomfortable in the final minutes was offset by knowing I was ridding my body of toxins and excess hormones.  Having a very stimulating cold shower afterwards was a buzz too.  I felt soooo relaxed afterwards.  This definitely satisfied my want for a pre-detox invigoration and some relaxation.

I went home and took some photos of my skin fungus, so these will be my ‘before’ shots to compare with my ‘after’ shots after Day 21 of the detox.

Last night I took the first lot of capsules to start the Internal Cleansing Kit process - Step 1 of the kit is a bowel cleanse.  The herbal capsules are called ‘Digestive Stimulator’ that promote bowel emptying the following day.  I have decided to start with 2 capsules based on the Blessed Herbs’ recommendations - I usually go once a day, so they suggest starting off on 2 caps if that’s the case, more capsules if you go less often.

After dinner I took my first ‘Toxin Absorber’ drink - it’s a powder that comes in sachets that you need to mix with organic apple juice.  It’s a fibre and Bentonite Clay formula.  It’s also got ginger root in there so it’s got a bit of a kick to it and tastes nice (I like ginger).  The kit says the goal is to achieve 3 bowel motions a day so I may need to increase the number of capsules to achieve this over the next 3 days.

I felt a little bloated after the toxin absorber drink, probably because I had a colonic earlier that day…

Pre-Pregnancy Detox

I have decided to share my experiences of a naturopathic approach to optimise fertility and health before I start trying to conceive my first baby (in the form of a daily blog).

I am turning 37 this month, so am by no ways a spring chicken when we’re talking babies (but I have to admit I usually still feel like one!).  I should also mention I “have” Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Doing a 21-day Detox, my diet, exercise and relaxation are forming the basis of my protocol.  I have chosen to use the Blessed Herbs’ Internal Cleansing Kit as my 21-day detox program.

One of my main goals is to eradicate a persisting fungal infection on my skin - I have struggled with it for years - I really want it gone from my system for good!!  I’ll take some pictures along the way to document improvements (fingers crossed!).

Because there is this deep fungal infection, my Detox diet will be low in carbs (grains, fruits, sugars of all kinds).  So I’ll be eating one small portion of a grain a day as a maximum.  The only grains I’ll be eating will be gluten-free.

For the last 2 weeks I followed a wheat-free, gluten-free diet with minimal dairy foods.  I am a vegetarian with a very healthy, wholefood diet (have been for well over a decade now), but have always felt lighter and brighter in body and mind when I take the ole wheat and gluten out of the picture.  I booked myself in for a Colonic and a FAR Infared Sauna at Brunswick Holistic Health to kick the Detox off in style…

I’m having the colonic and sauna in a couple of days, so I’ll let you know all about it!

Colonic Hydrotherapy for Assisted Weight Loss

One of the many benefits of colonic hydrotherapy is its ability to assist in detoxification and weight loss. As the weather is becoming warming, many of us shudder at the idea of summer clothes and the ‘bikini body’ – which is why TODAY is the best time to start looking after your body and mind, and colonic hydrotherapy helps you do both.


Colonic hydrotherapy works in three main ways to assist in weight loss…


  1. The ‘cleansing process’. The gentle flow of water that fills the bowel stretches on the walls of the colon, which stimulates the body to release waste and the accumulated water. This process alone can result in weight loss by improving our eliminatory processes, as hardened matter can clog up our digestion, and cause us to feel bloated and weigh more on the scales. We’ve had clients coming through BHH loosing 3kg in a week, and not only that, but feeling lighter, clearer and cleaner, with improved energy levels too. On a deeper, more ‘biochemical’ level, toxicities in the bowel inhibit the proper functioning of our mitochondria, the energy producing component of our cells which process nutrients. By eliminating toxicities from the bowel, inflammation is reduced, which ensures that mitochondria are functioning at their best, to metabolize our food and provide us with energy. This maintains a healthy metabolic rate (the rate at which we breakdown food and burn it for energy), relieves stagnation and sluggishness in our digestive system which can lead to weight gain and discomfort in our stomach, as well as ensuring our energy levels stay optimal, to allow us to exercise and feel great! 
  2. Relieving the burden of other eliminatory organs. Its not just about our digestive system that is responsible for removing toxins, our liver, our lungs, our skin and kidneys all work dynamically to excrete waste and absorb the good stuff. Often, strain on one or more of these systems burden the other, which ultimately leads to other systems overcompensating, eventually under functioning and potentially ‘burning out’. In particular, the liver, our main sight of detoxification and metabolism, is one that is strained from high consumption of alcohol and refined foods. Ensuring that our digestive tract is working optimally with the cleansing of the colon and a healthy diet, the liver (as well as other organs in the body) are less burdened and can do its job more efficiently, without the need for our digestive system to overcompensate.   


  1. You feel cleaner…and want to keep it that way! After a cleanse, you release a lot of physical stuff, as well as stress and emotional burdens that we tend to hold onto, especially in our guts. Client feedback at BHH is often a sense of lightness and clarity after a cleanse, which reduces feelings of anxiety and tension. A calm nervous system is the key to a healthy diet and lifestyle, as when we are stressed, we often crave crap and don’t have the energy and strength to control our portion sizes. 
    Not only that, but after a cleanse, you often want to put the good stuff in to. You feel clean and light and your body is ready to suck up nutrients, so make sure you are eating the good stuff, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables; nuts and seeds especially freshly ground linseeds, almonds, walnuts sunflower seeds and pepitas; clean proteins like tofu, tempeh, legumes, fresh oily fish and chicken; and wholegrains, your brown rices, rolled oats, buckwheat, quinoa etc… 


So by relieving stress and tension, clearing waste and toxins, improving the function of our mitochondria - the energy producing ‘powerhouses’ in cells and maintaining the dynamic equilibrium of eliminatory organs of the body, colonic hydrotherapy can assist in healthy weight loss. At BHH, we are all about holistic health, so regular cleansing is only a part of maintaining wellness – come in for naturopathic advice about nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle to ensure you have the ability to look after your body, mind and spirit. J

Mighty Magnesium

We go through truckloads of magnesium at Brunswick Holistic Health. A lot of people know that they need it, but aren’t exactly sure of what it does or where to get it from in our diets.

Magnesium is a mineral which is found in ’wholefoods’ and vegetables - think of foods in their most natural state, without processing and packaging. Things like…

-Legumes (lentils, chickpeas and beans)
-Soy products including tofu, tempeh, miso paste, soy beans and soy flour
-Nuts and seeds, particularly almonds, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, brazil nuts and cashews
-Wholemeal and rye flour breads and pastas (make sure you’re opting for sourdough breads without refined wheat flour and additives)
-Grains such as oats, quinoa, brown rice and particularly buckwheat - a gluten free, high protein grain available from health food shops and wholefood grocers. Buckwheat (raw) contains 221mg of magnesium per 100g, compared to cous cous which has only 44mg per 100g.
-Organic dried figs
-And don’t forget the vegetables. The darker the green, the higher the content of magnesium. Get into the kale, asian greens, spinach, roquette, broccoli and cabbage. 

Despite such a high demand for magnesium by the body, it is a nutrient that is depleted rapidly by stress, excessive sweating, alcohol, coffee, high dietary salt intake - (watch out for packaged and ‘take away’ foods), malabsorption syndromes such as inflammatory bowel disease and coeliacs disease and certain medications such as antibiotics, hypertensives and corticosteroids.   

Its role in the body is extensive; its most famous action is for its ability to relieve muscle tension and spasms. We use it here at BHH before our colonic hydrotherapy treatments to help loosen the bowel, relax digestion and relieve stomach cramps - perfect for constipation when tightness and cramping is associated.  
It is great to take after exercise to prevent delayed onset of muscles soreness (DOMS) as well as for restless legs syndrome, throbbing headaches and migraines and for relaxing the spasming airways of asthma. 

Its ability to enhance the activity of the relaxing neurotransmitter called GABA enables magnesium to help relive anxiety and exert both a mental and physical role in relieving tension. This dual action indicates it for the treatment of PMS and fibromyalgia because of its ability to improve mood as well as relieve muscle cramps and pain.

Through its interactions with calcium, magnesium is used to strengthen our bones and regulate the contractions of our heart. It relaxes and dilates blood vessels and therefore can be used to reduce high blood pressure. Magnesium also improves the sensitivity of insulin, the hormone need to absorb glucose steadily into our cells, which is why it is commonly used in diabetic patients.

Therapeutic levels of magnesium range between 300mg - 1000mg a day, depending on the presenting condition. Because it is so readily used and depleted by the body and dietary sources are relatively low, supplementation of magnesium is highly beneficial and commonly necessary. Pop into BHH for therapeutic, practitioner quality magnesium supplements.

Let us know if you need some recipe ideas for buckwheat, or any of the above mentioned foods and we’d be more than happy to do another post for you guys.

Happy health!

Japanese Curry and fresh Turmeric…healthy, happy and nourishing :) Enjoy! Recipe below